Day: 12 July 2012


Pelting a creature with fruit – The Airbag Frank 3D Review

Casual games. They come in all forms and shapes. Believe it or not, there can always be a huge invention or idea behind a “casual”. Or it can be just luck. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing. Anyway, casual games depict most of the times the expression of long, restless days of work, with a simple yet interesting purpose in hitting that soft spot that keeps you coming back to it and craving more.


Facebook game Galaxy Online 2 HD from IGG.COM comes to Android

I Got Games (a.k.a. IGG.COM), a company known for the games they’ve released onto Facebook as well as their Android game Texas Hold’Em Poker Deluxe, seems to be getting aboard the Android train a little bit more as they just launched a mobile version of their Facebook hit Galaxy Online 2, a sci-fi space-themed strategy game that gives us all the pros and some of the cons of social gaming nowadays.