Coming Soon to Android: Light in the Dark by Dreamgate Studios – Physics, Puzzles and Color Blending Fun

Dreamgate Studios has released a charming and witty trailer for their first game release Light in the Dark. It will arrive in the Play Store later this year in September. With a nod to Indiana Jones in the trailer and colorful graphics akin to Cut the Rope, Dreamgate Studios has crafted what a mix of physics and color blending mechanics to puzzle your brain.

Light in the Dark will test players’ wits as they help the cute colorful-cartoon species known as totems find and rescue their babies, lost in the labyrinths of long forgotten tombs.  Baby totems are reunited with their parents by spotlighting the children in a specific color, requiring gamers to bend and blend sources of light. Navigating the ancient mazes in Light in the Dark requires quick thinking and reactions to avoid the many obstacles as well as evil mummies and other creatures lurking in the shadows of the burial ground. – Dreamgate Studios

Even though this is the first release from Dreamgate Studios, the team is comprised of industry veterans that have worked on well lauded projects such as Bioshock, X-Com and Fallout. With a talent of such high caliber, Light in the Dark should be a fun game to play when it arrives in the Play Store.

The game will cost $1.99 at launch. If you are lucky enough to be attending PAX Prime 2014, you will be able to take a look at the demo at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s booth.

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