Day: 25 July 2014


Out Now in the Play Store: Head-to-Head Brawler Batman: Arkham Origins from Warner Bros.

I’m sure some of you may be puzzled by this… I was. Batman: Arkham Origins showed up in the Play Store a few weeks ago. However, it said that it wasn’t compatible with my devices. I was kind of bummed out by this because I finally have devices that can run it graphically. So, like I do with most games that I want to play that may be in a soft launch or have exclusivity with a particular device, I added it to my wish list.


Coming Soon to Android: Light in the Dark by Dreamgate Studios – Physics, Puzzles and Color Blending Fun

Dreamgate Studios has released a charming and witty trailer for their first game release Light in the Dark. It will arrive in the Play Store later this year in September. With a nod to Indiana Jones in the trailer and colorful graphics akin to Cut the Rope, Dreamgate Studios has crafted what a mix of physics and color blending mechanics to puzzle your brain.


[Updated] SNK Playmore announces King Of Fighter ’98 is coming soon to Android

King of Fighters 98: Dream Match Never Ends was a 2D fighting game release in (surprise!) 1998 by SNK. Originally released on the Neo Geo, it later was ported to the PlayStation as well as the Dreamcast. What makes this fighting game unique is that it contains all the fighters from releases that came prior to this one, including those that had died in their story arc (which was rebooted with the subsequent release).


Out Now in the Play Store: Thomas Was Alone – A Captivating Journey in 2D

If you have been waiting for a while to get that next game that has a great story, unique graphics, engaging music and it happens to be a puzzle/platformer… wait no longer. Thomas Was Alone recently arrived in the Play Store. If you are familiar with the game you can bypass the back story and hit the download button below. I won’t be upset if you do… really. If not, I promise I will make it relatively brief and then you can hit the download button.