Coming this winter: Zeptolab’s newest Cut the Rope game called Cut the Rope: Magic

Om Nom, the little green monster that was made famous in the Cut the Ripe series, is back for more candy chomping in the next iteration of the Cut the Rope franchise, called Cut the Rope: Magic. For the uninitiated, this franchise is a physics based puzzler where players face increasingly difficult levels, where they attempt to feed a very hungry Om Nom a piece of candy that is suspended by one or more ropes.

Players then swipe their fingers across a rope to cut it, to send the candy swinging by the remaining rope(s), and hope that the free swinging path of the candy will come into contact with the three stars on the board, and ultimately land in the monster’s mouth, to close the level out. The trick is to cut the ropes in the proper order and at the proper time, if collecting all the stars is going to be achieved. Every one of the three stars that is successfully collected is then awarded to the player at the end of the level.

Zeptolab celebrating 5 year anniversary as well

Set to release sometime this December, we have no specific release date beyond that at this point. If the pricing of the previous releases are to be any indicator, Cut the Rope: Magic will be free with optional IAPs. When we learn more details, as well as have some screenshots to show, we will post an update.

Developer Website: Zeptolab

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