Coming to Android this fall: Phantom Rift by Foursaken Media

Foursaken Media surprised us today with a nice little email to let us know about their latest project in development, Phantom Rift. Foursaken Media already has excellent titles in the Google Play Store. We recently reviewed Heroes and Castles and Bug Heroes 2 arrived in the Play Store shortly thereafter. The team of four brothers has a penchant for creating uncommon game worlds that are fascinating and fun to play.

The other thing I like about their games is that they don’t shy away from making a game challenging to play. Based on the trailer that was just released for Phantom Rift, it looks like Foursaken Media will extend their catalog of great games when it arrives sometime between September and October this year.

Players will take control of a powerful wizard, having found themselves lost in the dark, ethereal world of the Phantom Rift. They must discover the reason they are there by interacting with other characters, completing side quests, exploring a vast over world, and conquering a variety of dungeons. One of the most interesting elements of Phantom Rift lies in its spell/battle system, which combines elements of card battlers, real time action/RPGs, and turn based RPGs. Like a card game’s deck of cards, players in Phantom Rift have a spell pouch, which holds 30 spells. Players will create their own custom spell pouch from any of the spells they currently have. In all, Phantom Rift has over 120 unique spells to find and collect. Spells are generally balanced between themselves (i.e. no overpowered spells), so there are tons of strategic options, and it’s all about player preference and style – from having a melee-centric focus, to an elemental or summoning focus, etc. Additionally, there are a ton of interesting combinations to discover, such as casting a water spell on a friendly plant monster, which will grow the plant and make it stronger, etc. Again, we’ve built in a ton of synergy between different spells to make player choice more interesting. – Foursaken Media

Phantom RIft Features:

– Innovative battle system, mixing elements from card battlers, real time action/RPGs, and turn-based  RPGs
– Fast paced, strategic battles
– Over 120 unique spells to collect
– Customize your spell pouch with 30 spells to suit your play style
– Thousands of pieces of equipment to find, each with unique stats, abilities, and appearance
– Customize the way your wizard plays and looks
– Speak with NPCs to learn more about the world, embark on side quests, and explore the vast world of   the Phantom Rift
– Tons of dungeons to conquer, each with unique enemies and powerful bosses
– Unique, seamless multiplayer integration

At first glance, in some ways, the game environment reminds me of Bastion by SuperGiant Games. However, based on playing previous titles by Foursaken Media, we know they are able to mesh multiple genres into one game seamlessly. Phantom Rift will allow players a great deal of flexibility in how they play the game and what their wizard looks like during game play. Multiplayer will also be a component to the game that we will be eager to try out.

We are excited about this game and will watch for any new information that Foursaken Media is willing to share with us. The pricing for the game has not been released yet, be we have been informed that it will be a paid title. View the trailer and keep an eye out for Phantom Rift arriving in the Play Store in the fall.

Developer Website: Forsaken Media

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