Compelling gameplay arrives in RETSNOM now available on Google Play

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of RETSNOM when I first saw it. It didn’t take long before it completely grabbed my time and imagination. RETSNOM is a game published by Magic Cube that is from independent game developer Somi, who lives in South Korea. He deftly balances developing games in his spare time and working a full-time job. If you have ever done that, you know it isn’t easy to do. However, what he has pulled off, is nothing short of brilliant. You need to check out this game.

RETSNOM is a throwback to action/puzzle/platforming games of days gone by. It is full of classic looking pixels, has a story that draws you in from the opening screen, and has a few mechanics that will make this one challenging and fun to play. If you haven’t caught it yet, RETSNOM is monster spelled backwards. I know, that one was pretty easy, but getting through some of these levels won’t be, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“RETSNOM is an innovative puzzle platformer game in pixel art style that allows players to alter the game environment by mirroring sections of the level and rearranging it on the fly. You have a daughter. She is unfortunately infected by a zombie virus. The only way to save your daughter is to visit the laboratory in the future and steal the medicine that is expected to be made by your colleagues. But the future research team is hiding in the maze using mirrors. They decorated the maze using features of a mirror in each level.”Somi

Deep right! With such an interesting narrative that is set up for the game, you hope that the story and gameplay mesh well together, and they do. From the first few moments of playing RETSNOM, you know this is one of those games that is special. As a game journalist, you learn to be a bit skeptical of game developers claims when you read some of their marketing materials. Somi’s site is set up in a simple fashion, and clearly illustrates what he thinks makes this a good game. It is about a good story, good puzzles and a gameplay mechanic that is simple to use, but requires attention to detail when playing the game.

The controls in the game are straightforward. You have a jump button on the right, and up and down arrows on the left. The up and down arrows allow you to zoom in and out on the screen. This is extremely helpful, as you have to figure out where you are going to go next, and how you might get there. This is where the mirroring technique comes in. You will have to mirror some areas to gain access to ledges above or rooms that may behind locked doors. You can adjust how much of the area is mirrored. You must be careful in the mirroring, because if you aren’t, your main character can get crushed by the environment. In my short time playing the game, I really like how this is set up. You won’t be running through these levels. It is going to take some thought and consideration to figure out how to progress in the game.

RETSNOM Gameplay Features:

  • Inventive puzzle platformer that allows players to break the map, by mirroring sections of the level, and rearranging it on the fly.
  • Unique puzzles using the features of mirrors and various mechanics
  • 61 levels, 5 different worlds, 3 hidden stages and collectable bonus items
  • 17 achievements
  • Narratives of time-travel paradoxes and another world in the mirror with 2 different endings
  • Deep sad story and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack
  • Stunning retro pixel art style

There are plenty keys to grab to unlock doors, and memorabilia to pick up for your daughter when you meet her again… if you live to see that happen. This game has so many of the elements that we love to find in a game. Good gameplay, story, art, music and plenty of puzzles. Don’t worry, there is a bit of action too. 

RETSNOM has already won a few game awards. It is also available on Steam for PC/MAC, Playstation 4 and now Android! The game is integrated with Google Gameplay Services with 17 achievements to unlock. The game is currently on sale at 80% off, so now is definitely the time to grab it, though it is worth the full asking price. You can grab it now for $0.99 

Don’t miss out on RETSNOM. It is a beautifully crafted game that we are glad to see come to Android. Check out the trailer, and see if you are interested in entering into this world of mirrors. 

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