Crazy new mini-golf style game Canica arrives in full force

Welcome to the wonderful world of Canica, your one-stop destination to see what mini-golf on steroids would be like. In all seriousness though, Canica is an impressive mini-golf style game with some pretty crazy track layouts and a whole lot of customization available.

Canica is actually a marble ball name from the Mediterranean area but with how this game plays out, it is more like a mini-golf game, albeit a crazier style of mini-golf. You will be able to control the direction and strength at which you send your ball shooting forward in the hopes of getting the marble into the hole in as few turns as possible.

There are plenty of helpful, and not so helpful, power-ups on each level that you can either use to your advantage or to royally screw yourself with. Things like boosters, electric rays, doors, buttons, teleports, fires, gravitational fields, Pipes and so on are all there for you to enjoy or yell at.

One of the main features in Canica is the ability to customize your marble. In fact there is a ridiculous amount of customization possible including having it shaped like a skull, look like a planet (even Saturn with the rings) and so on. To customize your ball you will need Canica-Coins which you earn as you complete each level. The better you do, the more coins you earn. Then you can head over to the factory and start mucking around with your ball.

Canica is available in two versions right now on the Google Play store. There is a free version which comes with 60 levels and some customization available in the Factory. The full paid version, which will cost you $1.25, comes with 100 levels and all the customization you can handle in the Factory.

Developer Website: Hekatombe

Google Play Link: Canica

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