Creative Destruction Advance now features Bumblebee from Transformers thanks to new Battlefield limited time event

Netease has teamed up with Hasbro to bring the Transformers franchise to Fortnite-like Creative Destruction Advance. Thanks to a new limited time mode called Battlefield, you can now play as Bumblebee.

Battlefield is basically a racing mode that challenges you and a friend to drive around in vehicles of war, trying to blow each other to smithereens. One of you drives the vehicle while the other takes control of the weapon.

The mode challenges a bunch of duos to drive around trying to defeat the team playing as Bumblebee. Successfully defeat them and you get to take over as the Transformer. That’s pretty neat.

Those playing as Bumblebee can drive around collecting energy. Collect enough and you can transform into Bumblebee’s robot mode, which presumably allows you to absolutely crush all of your opponents.

Battlefield mode features a bunch of new astuff to collect, including suits, weapons, skins, destructor, pendants, and more. You earn more rewards the more friends you invite to a game too, which rewards you for being sociable.

Creative Destruction Advance

Haven’t heard of Creative Destruction Advance? It’s a Fortnite-like sandbox battle royale game in which you and up to 100 other players duke it out to be the last man standing. It takes place on a massive 4x4km map, with a fully destructive environment.

Much like with Fortnite you can build stuff, destroy other people’s buildings, and gather a wide variety of weaponry to murder everyone. You can even create your own battlefield as well for other players to destroy.

The game regularly receives brand new modes as limited time events, including Soccer – which riffs on Rocket League – and Warmobile – which draws on World of Tanks Blitz. The latest is Battlefield mode, which we mentioned earlier.

If you like the sound of this, go and grab Creative Destruction Advance right now on the App Store or Google Play, which currently features Bumblebee. Download it here if you’re located in Europe or Japan, and here if you’re located anywhere else.

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