Cross-platform action game, Guerrilla Bob, gets a makeover for Tegra 2 devices in Guerrilla Bob THD.

Cross-platform awesomeness just got a little better this morning with the release of Guerrilla Bob THD for Android Tegra 2 devices. Guerrilla Bob is a top-down 3D shoot-em-up action game for Android featuring some serious weaponry and co-op cross-platform multiplayer.

This version of Guerrilla Bob has been optimized for Tegra 2 Android devices to take advantage of the dual-core processor that comes with them. While you get all the awesome weaponry, big ass boss fights, secret areas and power-up, and the cross-platform co-op multiplayer from the original version, the main improvement to this version over the standard one are the graphics.

THD Improvements:

  • Greatly improved graphics, with next-gen effects like:
  • Full Screen Post-Processing effects, like Bloom and Glow
  • Advanced OpenGL ES 2.0 Shaders
  • Real-time lighting
  • Higher resolution textures with better details



You get all the great gameplay that comes with the original version of Guerrilla Bob but with a lot more eye candy or course. So what will this version cost you? Only a buck more than the original. You can pick up Guerrilla Bob THD off the Android Market and Tegra Zone for $3.99. If you like demolishing enemies, then this would be one game to certainly have. Expect a full review shortly along with all the other Tegra games currently available.

Developer Website: Angry Mob Games

Market Link: Guerrilla Bob THD

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