D.O.T. Defender of Texel – An 8-bit world is in dire need of help

DeNA has released a new game onto their Mobage platform called D.O.T. Defender of Texel or just D.O.T. for short. This isn’t the standard type of game though that you might be thinking it will be since it’s on the Mobage social gaming platform. This is, instead, an 8-bit retro style RPG filled with all the retro visuals you can handle.

In D.O.T. you are the hero that will save the 8-bit world Texel from the forces of evil. Texel has had no dealings with death or war in the past but now the lands are being invaded by robots who are trying to take over the land and are killing anything and anyone who tries to stop them.

D.O.T. Features:

– Unique 8-bit retro graphics that combine pixel and block art with dazzling effects
– Dozen of starter characters that can be fused,metamorphosing in appearance and ability
– Power-ups through character and gear customization
– An epic mashup of robots and dragons set in a distant universe!
-Choose battle formations with a unique swipe action!

This game is a sort of Pokemon type of game where you’ll actually have  variety of characters to collect, all of which can be leveled up and/or fused together to create more powerful ones. Combat is a little more interactive as well instead of the slightly dry type of combat found in TCG titles, D.O.T. lets the combat unfold in front of you with your pixel creatures fighting the forces of evil.

You’ll also have a variety of gear and power-ups to boost your characters with and battle formations that you’ll need to choose which could give you an advantage in combat. You can choose these right in the middle of combat as well to counter your enemy’s formations. D.O.T. can be downloaded off of the Google Play store for free for those of you interested in checking this game out. If you’re familiar with games on Mobage then you already know there are some IAPs in there as well.

Google Play Link: D.O.T. Defender of Texel

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