Dark Meadow: The Pact THD unleashed onto Tegra 3 Android devices

One game a lot of people have been waiting for lately happens to be from Phosphor Games called The Dark Meadow. This game has been in the news a lot lately, especially after receiving ‘The Pact’ update on iOS. Well after waiting all this time, we get to grab both the original and ‘The Pact’ all at once as of right now.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dark Meadow, this is a first-person action/adventure horror game similar in feel and atmosphere as Silent Hill. We had a nice hands-on with it during GDC 2012 as well. The entire game was developed using Unreal Engine 3 and sports some pretty impressive visuals.

As the story goes, you wake up in an abandoned hospital with no memory of who you are are why you are even there. In order to escape you will have to destroy the witch who has control over the place and in doing so you may actually find out who you are and why you were even there in the first place. However, it won’t be easy as there are plenty of strange creatures to fight and puzzles to solve.

Phosphor Games wanted to bring Dark Meadow: The Pact to Android but wanted to bring it with the highest quality graphics and performance possible which is why they went with the Tegra 3 optimization instead of just pumping the game right out. This version comes enhanced over the original with a higher polygon count, animated textures, water effects and dynamic particle effects. Even though it is for Tegra 3 devices, chances are we will see a Tegra 2 and non-Tegra version arrive soon.

The control scheme is also nice. You can tap your way around the environment which our hands-on video doesn’t do it justice. You can tap on cabinet and anywhere in the hopes to find items you can use. Combat is a combination of swipe gestures whether you are using your sword or crossbow and dodge movements.

If you have been waiting to play this game then the wait is over. You can grab Dark Meadow: The Pact THD off of the Google Play store for free as well as Tegra Zone and our own Google Play synced catalog.

Developer Website: Phosphor Games

Google Play Link: Dark Meadow: The Pact THD

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