Dead Space by EA available on the Amazon App Store for the Kindle Fire

Sick of the gaming news relating to games coming to the Kindle Fire? Well perhaps this might get you a bit more excited, especially if you happen to own a Kindle Fire or plan on getting one. You can purchase the game everyone wants for their Android device, EA’s Dead Space, off the Amazon App Store.

Up until recently it was exclusive to the Xperia Play unless you decided to root your Android device and use Chainfire3D to get it running on your non-Xperia Play device. Whatever EA’s motives are for how they release some of their games, no one knows but them, yet here we are with Dead Space on the Amazon App Store optimized for the Kindle Fire.


For those of you who haven’t played the iOS, Xperia Play or console version, Dead Space is an over-the-shoulder sci-fi game where you play as Engineer Isaac Clarke who is sent to a giant mining ship to repair it. What he doesn’t know is that the ship has had a run in with a mysterious alien artifact that has turned the crew, or what’s left of the crew, into mutant aliens. There will be plenty of hacking and shooting to be done by you and the graphics are pretty damn slick to top it all off.

If you have a Kindle Fire, and enjoy these types of games, then this is pretty much a must buy. According to Kotaku, it runs incredible good on the Kindle Fire no less. So if you are up for playing a Triple-A title on your Kindle Fire, you can nab Dead Space from EA off the Amazon App Store for $6.99. One thing to note though, this is labeled as the Kindle Fire Edition so could this mean a version for all other Android devices could be coming soon? We can only hope.

Developer Website: EA Mobile

Amazon Market Link: Dead Space (Kindle Fire Edition)

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