Dead Space coming to more Android devices thanks to Samsung?

EA’s rather awesome game, Dead Space, has been out on the Xperia Play for a little while now exclusively which, unfortunately, leaves the rest of us just sitting here watching gameplay videos or perhaps stealing a friend’s Xperia Play to actually enjoy Dead Space. It seems though that EA is gearing up to release it onto more Android devices soon.

Samsung had a copy of a near final build Dead Space being shown off at a booth last week which EA had tweaked with improved graphics to take advantage of the Tegra 2 chip inside the Galaxy 10.1 it was being shown off on. Now with that said, the inevitable question of exclusivity comes into play. Will this end up being a Tegra exclusive for a short period of time, just like it was with the Xperia Play, before it lands on all other Android devices.

We already know it can run on single-core devices thanks to the Xperia Play temporary exclusive so whether it gets a short Samsung exclusive, Tegra exclusive or is released to all devices right when it launches isn’t yet known. What is know is that, according to AndroidAndMe who managed to get a little hand-on time with it on the Galaxy 10.1 tablet, it looks stunning. No exact date has been released just yet on when this will become available for non-Xperia Play devices, just that it will be this Fall, so until then, enjoy the gameplay video of Dead Space on an SGS2 above.

If you are using a rooted Android device, you can play it already through the use of the Chainfire app.

Developer Website: EA

Website Referenced: AndroidAndMe


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