Dead Trigger updated to 1.5.0, brings a lot of goodies for everyone

The newest update for Dead Trigger has finally been released today and coming along with it is a lot of goodies for everyone as well as those who purchased the game before it went free, something Madfinger Games said they would do in order to reward those who bought the game for a buck.

The new update sees two new arenas arriving in the game called Stadium of Dead and Deadly Corridors, appropriate names considering the game’s subject matter. Also, for those of you who bought the game before it went free-to-play, you now should receive when you get the update the Alien Gun for free as well as 25 gold and 10 casino chips.

Dead Trigger 1.5.0 Changelog:

– Reward for everyone who had purchased DEAD TRIGGER before the game became for free (ALIEN GUN, 25 GOLD, 10 CASINO CHIPS)
– New story missions
– New weapon: ALIEN GUN
– Improved gameplay of protect objects missions, players can repair damaged objects now
– New tutorial for beginners
– Improved MINIGUN and COLT-M4
– Increased reward in the Arenas (Players can also win CASINO CHIPS)
– More chance to win at the Casino (including items)
– Auto-aim works better when more enemies nearby
– Better ammo drops for everyone who use more than one weapon

Madfinger Games did come through with their promise to reward players who bought the game and for everyone there is plenty of new content. The update is now live so if you haven’t grabbed it yet, back up your progress in-game and go ahead and grab it.

Developer Website: Madfinger Games

Google Play Link: Dead Trigger

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