Deep Silver FISHLABS signs a publishing deal with Hibernum over a yet-to-be-announced mobile game

It seems like Deep Silver FISHLABS have been signing a good amount of publishing deals as of late. Over the past few months, Deep Silver FISHLABS has signed similar deals with Animation Arts, ISBIT Games, Chimera Entertainment, OKAM Studio, Tama Games, and Mutant Games. This new one marks the 6th deal the company has done which is related to either teaming up with another company to help develop and publish a game, or to help publish and promote a third-party game.

The new deal is with a Canadian game development studio called Hibernum and from the sounds of it, this is mainly a publishing agreement. Unfortunately there are no details about the game in question that is part of this agreement. It hasn’t been announced yet what the game is called, what genre it is in, or anything at all.

Since the topic and setting of our new title will be based in North America, we have specifically kept our eyes open for a partner from the North American region. Thanks to their first-class portfolio and vast experience as a creator of mobile games, Hibernum has been on our radar for quite some time. We are happy that we have finally found an opportunity to work with them. – Christian Braun, Senior Producer at Deep Silver FISHLABS

Deep Silver FISHLABS is responsible for the Galaxy on Fire franchise on mobile as well as a few other games on other platforms. Anything they do is usually high quality so this shouldn’t be any different. Hibernum isn’t new to the video game industry either. This company has worked with Disney, Wooga, Ubisoft, Konami and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and is also currently working on the Magic the Gathering version of Puzzle Quest.

We will be contacting both companies to try and find out what this game is. Should we find anything out, we will be sure to post an update. The only thing we do know about this game is that it will be coming to both Android and iOS.

Official Website: Deep Silver FISHLABS

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