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Deep Silver FISHLABS signs a publishing deal with Hibernum over a yet-to-be-announced mobile game

It seems like Deep Silver FISHLABS have been signing a good amount of publishing deals as of late. Over the past few months, Deep Silver FISHLABS has signed similar deals with Animation Arts, ISBIT Games, Chimera Entertainment, OKAM Studio, Tama Games, and Mutant Games. This new one marks the 6th deal the company has done which is related to either teaming up with another company to help develop and publish a game, or to help publish and promote a third-party game.


OKAM Studio and Deep Silver FISHLABS sign deal for the development of a new mobile game

OKAM Studio and Deep Silver FISHLABS have announced that they have signed a partnership deal for the development and publishing of a new mobile game coming in the near future. Deep Silver FISHLABS is the company behind the Galaxy on Fire series of games, while OKAM Studio has released a total of seven games on Android across different genres, all of which are of pretty high production value.