Disney and Netmarble are teaming up for a new board game called Disney Magical Dice

Disney and NetMarble have teamed up to develop a new board game for Android devices called Disney Magical Dice. Along with the announcement of this game heading to Google Play soon comes the pre-registration for folks interested in this game in the US going live as well.

Disney Magical Dice features Mickey, other Disney characters, and characters from Pixar as well. Players will pick which character they want to play as before heading off into a Disney-themed world. Some of the game plays out a lot like Monopoly, where you’ll be moving around the board, building structures on spaces you end up owning, and eventually trying to win by accomplishing the goal of the particular ‘map’ you’re on. It really depends on which map you play on as it isn’t just with different themes, but different game mechanics and winning conditions for each map.

Disney Magical Dice Features:

· PvE Game Mode:  Players can participate via the PvE stage-based practice mode that mixes a simple storyline with Disney characters. A tutorial introduces game rules, allowing players to adapt to the gameplay in an easy and engaging manner. Fans can play against various Disney characters in the different stages and earn their costume cards as rewards.
· Ready, Set, Play: In the PvP game mode players are matched up in real-time competition and can play with family and friends. Various modes include Free-For-All and Team Mode (2v2), and feature three different classes (Rookie, Minor, Major) for players to choose from depending on their experience with the game.
· Disney IP Usage: Various Disney elements familiar to players provide an engaging and charming gameplay experience.
· Player Strategy: Quality dice and card stats are most influential in helping players win Disney Magical Dice. There are different stats for each dice and some dice stats are added to your card stats. Extra help comes in the form of magic beans. Players can collect magic bean through various in-game rewards and expert league victories.
· Competition via Rankings: Trigger the competitive nature of players through international and friend leaderboards. Various rewards are awarded in short intervals for the different ranks that players achieve.

Depending on how you want to play Disney Magical Dice, you can either go up against AI opponents, or try new strategies out in Practice Mode. If you’re into competing against other people, then you can jump into online real-time multiplayer instead. All the characters can be customized in the game with new outfits, as well as being able to strengthen them through power-ups and fusion cards. So there’s a bit of TCG mechanics as well.

If you’re interested in getting notified the moment it arrives, and getting a few rewards at the start as well, then you’ll want to sign-up during this pre-registration period which just went live. As of right now, there’s no exact release date for Disney Magical Dice, only that it will be arriving soon.

Official Website: Disney Magical Dice (Pre-registration sign-ups)

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