Day: 4 April 2016


Rescue the kidnapped young starlet in Flight of the Amazon Queen 20th Anniversary Edition, now available on Google Play

  A classic from two decades ago, Flight of the Amazon Queen is an adventure game that’s being re-released for its twentieth anniversary (originally released back in 1995). Set in the Amazon Jungle in 1949, players will assume the role of a pilot by the name of Joe King, who’s been tasked with getting a starlet into and out of said jungle.


Two new classes and a new dungeon have been added to Knights of Pen and Paper II

Released by Paradox Interactive, Knights of Pen and Paper II is a riff on pen and paper RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. Players will control a party of heroes that embark on an adventure. Players will get to customize their party, who then sit at the table in full regalia, while a DM dictates the game, which is also controlled by you to a degree. Portions of the game are then visualized in the background while you make your way through your current adventure.