Galactic Pizza is a new retro-style arcade puzzler from Orme Studio

Orme Studios have released their newest game onto Android today called Galactic Pizza, which is a retro-style arcade puzzler. In this game players will take on the role of a inter-galactic pizza boy who had his delivery stolen from him in a strong-arm heist by some rather mean, and hungry, aliens.

In order to get back the slices of pizza that have been taken from you, players will need to navigate a number of levels (which happens to be said alien’s hideout), avoiding hazards such as other hungry aliens, while trying to collect all of the slices in each stage. When you’ve accomplished that, you’ll be able to move on to the next stage.

Galactic Pizza Features:

– Retro graphic style
– Fast-paced action
– 60 different and challenging levels
– 3 different types of controls(Swipe, virtual analog, and a virtual D-Pad)

Galactic Pizza is one of those games that definitely make for a good time killer while you’re in line for something. If you use controllers for your Android games, Galactic Pizza does support them, although it isn’t an official feature as of yet (still being tested). For those of you looking to snap up a copy of this game, Galactic Pizza is available off of Google Play for $2.84 with no IAPs or anything like that. You can also grab this game for PC off of Marketplace: Galactic Pizza

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