DotEmu puts R-Type and Another World on sale on Amazon for up to 82% off

Two classic games that have been brought over to Android thanks to DotEmu have gone on sale for a pretty hefty discount over on Amazon’s AppStore. Both Another World and R-Type have had their prices dropped by up to 82% off, making picking up a copy of either game pretty damn cheap.

If you haven’t nabbed a copy of either of these classic games, and you have access to the Amazon AppStore, now is a great time to get one or both games. R-Type is the classic side-scrolling arcade shooter from back in the arcade days that was incredible popular and is now available for Android devices.

Another World is the rather challenging adventure game originally released back in 1991 that, for the time it was released, as a groundbreaking game due to a lot of the mechanics in-game that had never been done before including things like your character communicating to you through hand gestures and expressions, not words. Also if you got hit one, or your sidekick, it was game over.

Both are now available on Amazon’s AppStore on sale which could mean that their next game, Little Big Adventure, could be arriving soon. Another World will set you back $0.90 while R-Type will cost you $0.99. Both are still available on Google Play for regular price for those of you without access to Amazon’s AppStore still. Sale ends August 20th, 2012.

Amazon Market Links: R-Type | Another World

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