Draw Something usage declines by 5 million after Zynga purchase

Interesting news coming out today over the recent Zynga acquisition (which cost them $210 million) of OMGPOP and their hit game Draw Something. It seems as though, since the acquisition of OMGPOP, that Draw Something has seen a steady decline in daily usage and it is no small number.

In fact the drop is to the tune of 5 million daily active users have dropped off of playing Draw Something since Zynga purchased the company and their game. While a small portion of this could be simply from the fact that some people just don’t want to play it anymore, it seems as though a lot of it stems from the fact that Zynga bought the game. This is across all platforms that Draw Something is available on.

At the time Zynga purchased Draw Something, the game was seeing almost 15 million active daily users playing the game. Once Zynga purchased it, the usual Zynga hate flowed and some users left but since then the game has seen a steady decline to where it is sitting at around 10 million active daily users. Still, 10 million active users per day is nothing to cough at. It is just interesting to see how some acquisitions by certain companies can affect a game.

So what are your thoughts on all of this? Leave a comment and let us know! Keep in mind this is all happening even after new features and improvements have be brought to the game.

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