Drive Ahead will be making the trip from iOS to Android this month

Currently enjoying a decent amount of popularity over on iOS, Drive Ahead from Dodreams is a simple yet rather fun game about smashing cars into one another in order to score points. There is both single-player and local multiplayer modes available to play through as well.

In Drive Ahead players will select the car they wish to use, before heading into one of the many oddly shaped arenas to duke it out with their opponent. The goal is to earn 5 points before your opponent does, which is accomplished by smashing your car into the top of your opponents car. Depending on how you want to select your opponents, you can either go at it randomly, or select each fight individually.

Regardless as to whether you go at it in single-player, or decide to beat up on a friend in local multiplayer (matches take place on a single device), you can either do the first to 5 points wins, or choose Sudden Death mode which will add things like Sawblades and fire falling from the sky to your current map. Hitting any of those hazards means you lose.

Drive Ahead is slated for a soft launch in Australia, Denmark and Finland on Android this Thursday, Sept. 10th. The global launch on Android will be one month later on October 8th. When it does launch, Drive Ahead will be available for download for free with optional IAPs available as well. We’ll post an update once the soft launch begins.

Developer Website: Dodreams Games

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