Dungeon Defenders: First Wave for Android updated, now supports Android 2.1+ and 3G/4G multiplayer

Trendy Entertainment has been hard at work since the release of Android’s first Unreal Engine developed game, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. The game is a mesh between Action, RPG and Tower Defense gaming genres and offers up a load of eye candy with some great gameplay, both online and offline, thanks to Unreal Engine 3.

When it was released on Dec. 24th, late in the evening, DD:FW was only supporting Android 2.2 so a lot of people were unable to see the game on the Android Market even though their device could played the game. Trendy Entertainment kept us up-to-date regarding the situation and while we were unable to post right away due to heading out for the holidays, we are posting this update now regarding new Android version support.

You’ll be able to download and play Dungeon Defenders: First Wave now if you have Android 2.1 or higher. Trendy Entertainment is also finishing up (if it isn’t already done yet) overseas Android 2.2 support and Android 2.3 support as well.

Also on top of all of the new Android version support, Trendy Entertainment has also added the ability to play multiplayer via 3G/4G instead of WiFi only. So now you can choose how you want to connect to play multiplayer!

Keep an eye out for future updates which include a PvP Arena and the ability for players to create mods for DD:FW. Check out our interview with Development Director, Jeremy Stieglitz, for other exclusive information about DD:FW and future Trendy Entertainment games for Android. Our full review coming soon!

If you have an original Droid or Milestone, you can play DD:FW. To find out how, head over to this post on our forums.

Developer Website: Trendy Entertainment

Official Game Website: Dungeon Defenders

Direct Market Link: Dungeon Defenders: First Wave

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