Dungeon Defenders: First Wave update: New mission, familiars/pets and more!

What we are going to call the first content update for Dungeon Defenders: First Wave was released yesterday and among the changes are some new features that should make the game even more fun. We are talking about new Familiars/Pets for characters, adjustments to difficulties and a new mission. Full changelog after the break.

Changelog for update V2.0:

  • Revolutionary cross-platform play with the iOS 2.0 version, using GameSpy!
  • Familiars/Pets!
  • Stability & performance improvements, and new performance-tweaking User Options!
  • New Missions (Oakvale Crossing) for the ultimate Heroes
  • INSANE Difficulty is much, much harder (and so is HARD)… good luck!
  • Rebalanced item drops to make super items harder to get
  • Various new item drop types
  • Lots of minor bug fixes and game tweaks too numerous to list here…
  • V-day surprise…


If you’ve played W.o.W or any other game that has pets in it, you’ll know already how fun they are to have. If you haven’t played a game with them in it, you’re in for a nice surprise. These pets will probably come with some sort of boosts as well we are guessing although we haven’t found one just yet.

Another good part regarding this update is stability, performance improvements and performance tweaks in the User options so you can enhance your gameplay more. Should make the game much more enjoyable for those who don’t have high-end devices but can still play DD:FW.

Lastly, we have no clue as to what the Valentine’s Day surprise is, we are trying to pick our friends over Trendy Entertainments brains for any info. If we get any, we will let everyone know. We will be adding some screenshots of pets as soon as we get some.

Developer Website: Trendy Entertainment

Official Game Website: Dungeon Defenders

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