[Updated] Dungeon Defenders: First Wave v4.0 update bringing all kinds of goodness

Last week we reported on an upcoming update for Dungeon Defenders: First Wave that was labeled as v3.0. Trendy Entertainment was waiting on the App Store to approve the update before rolling it out to Android at the same time. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out but the good news is, we’re getting two updates in one.

Due to v3.0 not being approved for release on the App Store, Trendy Entertainment has decided to roll v3.0 into v4.0 so now the update is even bigger then we previously reported on. v4.0 is definitely bringing the goodness as well with a slew of new content.

While details are, once again, being kept quiet for the most part until the update is approved, Jeremy Stieglitz did mention a few things in a forum post over at the Dungeon Defender website. You can expect everything that the v3.0 update was going to come with along with what v4.0 has to offer.

What will the update include? New levels, New Game modes and new content “out the gills” which will include a new shopkeeper. This niftly 4-fingered gentleman will let you buy all sorts of goodies with your Mana. As to what you will be able to buy, we don’t know just yet but we will see if the crew over at Trendy Entertainment will let us know ahead of time. We also know that one of the new game modes, thanks to the picture of the new shopkeeper, is called Competitive Mode. As to what that entails, again, we have no idea.

If all goes well, the update should be available for Android players in the next couple of days depending on how slow Apple is to approve the update. Once that happens, it’ll be rolled out for Android as well along with an official changelog.

Update Feb. 1st, 2011 1:07pm: Alright so apparently I’m blind but fellow game reviewer here at DG, Chris, just mentioned that in the picture of the new shopkeeper, there are pets in cages and it basically looks like he’s pointing at them. Possibility of buying pets with mana? Could be! What do you think?

Developer Website: Trendy Entertainment

Official Website: Dungeon Defenders

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