E3 2012: nVidia announces the winners of the First Annual Player’s Choice Awards

nVidia is, of course, at E3 2012 showing off both mobile and PC gaming goodies. Back during Tegra Zone’s first birthday celebration, players had a chance to head over to the Tegra Zone website and vote in the First Annual Player’s Choice Awards, picking winners in three categories.

Well the votes have finally been tallied and nVidia has announced the winners at E3. So who won? Pretty much who we thought would win, at least in the back of our minds where we quietly contemplated everything.

Best Graphics – Shadowgun THD by Madfinger Games

Best Gameplay – Grand Theft Auto III by Rockstar Games

Best Overall – Grand Theft Auto III by Rockstar Games

As you can see, from your votes, Grand Theft Auto III walked away the winners in two categories while Shadowgun THD from Madfinger Games walked away with the award for Best Graphics. Both categories that Grand Theft Auto III won were very close with Shadowgun THD being right on their heels. Overall the voting was very close for all three categories though between both of those games.

Source: nVidia Blog

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