EA’s Dead Space updated to support the Nexus 7 tablet

Owners of Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet have gotten a little love from EA with a new update to Dead Space that brings support for the tablet. The update, which arrived a few days ago, was a short and simple update that doesn’t bring anything new to the third-person shooter except for Nexus 7 support.

At least that is all that the changelog states but you can be sure there was some background tweaks as well, although probably nothing that actually fixed any issues other people are having with the game. However, if you own a Nexus 7 tablet, having one of the more popular and high-quality third-person shooters now available for your device is always nice. If you have been waiting to grab this hit game for your device, you can do so now for $6.99.

On a bit of a humorous note, EA looks like they have a problem distinguishing which company makes what when it comes to the Nexus line of devices. The actual changelog notes that the support is now for the “Galaxy Nexus 7” which would indicate that Samsung made it and not Asus.

Google Play Link: Dead Space

Website Referenced: TheVerge

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