Electrotank’s new Electroserver ES5 for mobile gaming

Well here’s a good sign that mobile gaming is being taken seriously and Android is included in all of it: Electrotank has just announced their new Electroserver ES5, which is built to support mutliplayer games played across Flash, Unity3D, iOS and Android. The new APIs allow for multiple user connections from multiple platforms simultaneously.

“We built ES5 with scalability, performance, but above-all multi-platform projects in mind,” said Electrotank CEO Michal Gold in a statement.

“The rapid evolution of new devices and platforms in parallel with social gaming is taking demand for multiplayer online and mobile gaming to a new level. Electrotank is committed to making it easy and cost effective for developers to seize upon these opportunities,” he continued.


  • Flash, Unity3D, iPhone/iPad, and Android.
  • Unlimited concurrent user licenses.
  • Rock solid performance at scale.
  • Anti-hacking technology
  • UDP support for high packet rates.
  • 2nd-generation binary protocol.
  • More extension points than ever.
  • Enhanced, multi-tiered security.
  • Sleek new ES Admin interface.
  • Extensive docs, and more than 30 examples.
  • Much more feature included with more on the way!


There are three plans to choose from with 25, 1000 or unlimited concurrent users. If you are a game developer of a multiplayer game and this seems awesome for what you are developing you might want to stop for a second and look at the costs.

License Pricing (per license):

Electroserver5 – 25 CCU (Concurrent Users) – Free

Electroserver5 – 1,000 CCU – $999

Electroserver5 – Unlimited CCU – $4,999

So as you can see it’s not overly cheap unless you want 25 people to only play your game at any given time. However, if you have a pretty popular game, and you charge for it and want a real server dedicated to mobile gaming, then the Electroserver5 – 1,000 CCU isn’t a bad deal since it is per license (basically per game you need a server for).

Website Referenced: Gamasutra

Developer Website: Electrotank

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