European Android developers not getting paid by Google Play

If you happen to be a developer for Android based anywhere in Europe, you may not have gotten your revenue from your app/game selling on Google Play for the month of February. If this has happened, you are not alone as many developers are reporting this issue over on the official forums.

According to the forums, many developers in Europe have not yet received their income for February from their games and/or apps that they have been selling on Google Play. Payment for February sales have already gone out recently for most developers but for some reason European developers are not receiving them.

This issue doesn’t seem to be just limited to Google Play and payments through Google Wallet either. European developers using AdSense and AdMob for their apps and games are also reporting the same issue with no revenue being deposited into their bank accounts. Payments are usually dished out on the 2nd of each month and can either arrive right away in your bank account or take a few days before it shows up depending on your bank.

All have been marked as ‘paid’ on the 2nd, but not received so far. Most people have contacted Google Merchant team but nobody has had anything other than an automated response so far and there’s no comment from Google on the forum thread dedicated to this problem.

Google has yet to even acknowledge the issue publicly or offer up any sort of solution just yet. Most of the developers reporting this problem are from some UK territories, Portugal, France, Spain, the Netherland. Apparently one US-based developer is also reporting he hasn’t seen his January deposit. Hopefully this problem gets resolved quickly and everyone gets their money since indie developers need just about every dime they can get.

Website Referenced: Phandroid via PocketGamer

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