EVE Echoes Gets a Free Indomitable Expansion, Adding Player-Controlled Stations and More

EVE Echoes, the parallel universe mobile spinoff of acclaimed MMORPG EVE Online, has just been updated with a new expansion called Indomitable.

The expansion, which is available for free, broadens the scope of EVE Echoes in a Wild West sort of way by allowing players to claim and defend their own territories in a lawless region of space known as nullsec.

These player-owned stations will include an area called a Citadel, where players can shelter from their enemies and hatch their masterplans. Developer CCP purportedly believes that these stations will become increasingly important.

In addition, the Indomitable expansion increases the maximum fleet size to 50 and the alliance capacity to 30 corporations. There’s a new Time Dilation feature, too, slowing down all in-game actions when an area is becoming too crowded to avoid lag.

Support for 500 pilots in a single system, new corporation structions, citadel skins, and increased nullsec resource output are all promised in future updates.

You can download EVE Echoes for free right now on the Google Play Store.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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