Just a Reminder That EVE Echoes is Out This Thursday

EVE Echoes, the long-awaited mobile spin-off of CCP’s popular sci-fi MMORPG, is out this Thursday. 

This isn’t news, since we’ve been aware that EVE Echoes would launch on the 13th of August since all the way back in June. The date is even mentioned on the game’s Google Play Store listing, right at the top. You can’t miss it.

“Please note that the server will not be ready until 08:00 UTC, Aug 13. See you in EVE Echoes!”

Still, we thought it was worth reminding everybody about the forthcoming space-based massively multiplayer fun, since we haven’t mentioned the game in a while. 

If you haven’t been keeping up, EVE Echoes is a huge sci-fi MMO that takes place in a universe parallel to the one in EVE Online. It boasts all the same stuff – huge, open-ended role-playing in a merciless intergalactic void – but optimised for smartphones. 

You can pre-register for EVE Echoes on the Google Play Store right now. 

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