EVE Echoes Is Available NOW (Sort of)

Following our impromptu reminder yesterday that EVE Echoes will be out on August the 13th, NetEase has made the game available to download a day early – i.e. August the 12th, i.e. today.

But not really. While the app is now available to install, the servers won’t go live till tomorrow. NetEase is presumably trying to give as many people as possible plenty of time to complete the 2.21GB download before the game goes live. 

Chances are you’ll still miss the grand opening, however, since the servers go live at 0400 EST, giving gamers in Europe, Asia, and Africa a distinct advantage in terms of getting in first without the use of an alarm clock. 

EVE Echoes is a long-awaited, much-delayed mobile spinoff of EVE Online, set in a parallel universe from the PC original. 

You can download it on the Google Play Store right now. 

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