Everlands Now Available

Very recently we posted about a new game coming from Hexage called Everlands. This is a great strategy game, sort of like Final Fantasy Tactics but with animals. They released a trailer and teased everyone with information and screenshots from the game and now the wait is over. Everlands hit the Android market yesterday for everyone to grab.

Everlands is a turn-based strategy game, similar to Uniwar, in which you control your pieces and defeat the invading army, in this case aliens. Your animals all have unqiue strengths, weakness and abilities to take advantage of in your attempts to defends your land. Graphically the game looks crisp and original and should look pretty damn nice on the HD phones and even the 1st Gen phones.


  • 20 carefully designed levels
  • Single and multiplayer modes
  • Great graphics
  • Numerous tactics and abilities to come up with and combine to defeat your enemy


Aside from the special abilities some animals have, each animal playing piece have tiny yellow arrows point in certain directions. These are the directions the animal can attack/defend in which adds a new element of strategy to the game.Even in the first few stages it has taken a few attempts to pass. To win in a stage you must have 50% or more of each level covered with your animal playing pieces.

You can check out the Lite version for free to give it a whirl before buying the full version for roughly $2.25USD. Definitely a great new strategy game from Hexage. Be sure to check out our full review coming shortly! Until then check out the gameplay video/teaser for Everlands in our videos section.

Developer Website: Hexage

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