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Nexon M releases Oz:Broken Kingdom into the Play Store

If you are a fan of the classic film The Wizard of Oz and enjoy role-playing games, then Nexon M and This Game Studio has a special treat for you today. Oz: Broken Kingdom is a new game that is free to play and available to download in the Play Store. It follows the character Ophelia Shen, who undertakes the journey in a world of Oz that will be unfamiliar to most, because the darkness has overtaken it.


Double Eleven/Mode 7 Release Frozen Synapse Prime for Android Devices

Developer Double Eleven and indie game developers Mode 7, have returned to the scene with a follow-up to the immensely popular game Frozen Synapse. The newly available Frozen Synapse Prime, brings the same turn-based tactics that made Frozen Synapse a hit for PC users many years ago. Now Android gamers have an opportunity to jump right back into the action with Frozen Synapse Prime.


Coming Soon to Android: Smash Champs from Kiloo Games

Kiloo Games will be unleashing their latest project, Smash Champs, upon the gaming community in October. Based in Denmark, Kiloo Games has created the wildly popular Subway Surfers, Frisbee Forever, Frisbee Forever 2 and Bullet Time HD, which unfortunately, is only on iOS. Subway Surfers continues to be beloved by many, and continues to be updated by Kiloo with new free game content. This is impressive considering how long the game has been out. With Smash Champs, Kiloo is moving away from the endless runner genre, but based on the little we have seen, they will continue their successful track record.