Highborn: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 in the works for Android. Also a sequel to Higborn as well?

Last week we announced that Jet Set Games had released their great turn-based strategy game, Highborn, exclusively onto the Amazon App Store… for now. If you’ve been enjoying the game so far there is some good news in store for you. Jet Set Games is already working on not just a Chapter 2 but a Chapter 3 as well!

Chapter 2 is already out for iOS and will be making the trip to Android very soon according to Jet Set Games in an interview with PocketGamer. Not only that but Chapter 2 has already started development for both platforms. Think that is enough to look forward too? Well how about a sequel to the game as well? According to Jet Set Games, they are already in the early stages of planning for a sequel to Highborn!


So if you have already finished Highborn for Android or are just looking forward to more turn-based gaming then you won’t have to wait too long for at least Chapter 2 to land on Android and not too soon after that, Chapter 3! Considering the issues Jet Set Games is concerned with over the Android Market, don’t be surprised if both upcoming chapters are also Amazon App Store exclusives… initially anyways.

Check out PocketGamers for the full interview with Jet Set Games.

Website Referenced: PocketGamers

Developer Website: Jet Set Games

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