Love is in the Air in the Eversoul Valentines Event!

feature image for our eversoul valentines event news piece, the image features promo art for the event including jacqueline in a maid outfit and other characters in the background with cake, there is also a screenshot of the town gameplay as the player places valentines themed buildings such as a ferris wheel

The Eversoul Valentines event is here! From February 14 to March 2, you can take part in the romantic festivities in-game. We have exclusive intel about what to expect in the event, so let’s take a deep dive into it.

What to Expect in the Eversoul Valentines Event

Firstly, it wouldn’t be an Eversoul event without a brand-new storyline. Immerse yourself in the Valentine’s Event Story, as well as taking part in the “Bonbon Chocolat Paradise” Special Event Stage! Battle against Valentines-themed enemies in a two stage challenge that spans across seven levels. Winners receive special rewards such as Love Potions, Everstones, and Soul Memories!

Eversoul Valentines Event Rewards

Love Potions are an event-exclusive item, and you can spend them in the Event Shop to purchase the brand-new Valentines outfits for Rebecca and Jacqueline. Here are the new outfits!

  • “Sweet Savage Maid” for Jacqueline
  • “Pure Heart Chocolatier” for Rebecca

You can also use Love Potions to buy Valentines-themed buildings for your town too! There’s the adorable Pure Love Merry-Go-Round, Chocolate Ferris Wheel, Floating High Sweet Balloon, Sweets Tree, and more. They even come with their own town buffs!

Daily Missions!

Additionally, there’s a Valentines login event, which rewards you with free gifts once per day. Furthermore, the Valentine’s Daily Mission event begins, where you need to work through a series of quests every day to earn free goodies!

If you’re a fan of Eversoul, you’re probably familiar with the Hearts feature. Seeing as how it’s the Valentines season, the hearts you give and receive are now double the amount – allowing you to summon additional Souls on the banner!

Prim Now Has Increased Drop Rates

We’d also like to add some extra information about the latest Pick-Up Summon Event too. Prim is next on the increased chance roster until February 23 – so be quick! If you haven’t got Prim yet, or you’d like to upgrade her, use your currency on the new Pick-Up Summon banner!

For more information about the game, visit the official website! Addtionally, you can also check out our Eversoul codes, Eversoul tier list, and our Eversoul guide.

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