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Everything You Need to Know About Gamelight, the Mobile Ad Platform Formerly Known as Spotlight

So you may already know that Spotlight has been replaced by Gamelight, following a rebrand by developer LOUD Ventures. 

If you’ve ever used the terms “user acquisition” and “retention rate” at work, chances are you’re very familiar with Spotlight, one of the most respected advertising platforms in the mobile games business. 

You’ll also be aware that Gamelight is a fabulous tool that’s getting better all the time. 

But just in case you haven’t taken advantage of Gamelight so far, here’s the lowdown on LOUD Ventures and its revolutionary advertising software. 

Based in Germany, LOUD Ventures is a developer and publisher with a proven track record in game development, having cracked the top 10 by highest-grossing and free apps in more than 30 countries, including the UK, the US, France, and Germany. 

Here’s how it works. 

In the words of Gamelight co-founder Günay, “Gamelight’s algorithm analyzes users’ playtime, engagement, competitor game usage and demographics data to identify users with the highest likeliness of long-term engagement on our partners’ games.”

Her fellow co-founder, Florian, has this to add. “We have exclusive access to the said data points, which puts us in a clear advantage over other UA sources that are simply connected to third party apps.”

On top of all that, Gamelight boasts a distinctive reward system that lets users earn points while they play. Naturally, the more time they spend with a game, the more points they get to bank, creating a powerful motivation to keep playing – and seeing ads. 

Gamelight also comes up with bespoke recommendations based on a player’s age, gender, other games in the same genre, and lookalikes, all while optimizing ad campaigns to promote an industry-leading advertiser retention of 100%, and excellent return on ad spend. 

It’s easy to use, too, thanks to an intuitive dashboard that gives advertisers a huge degree of control over their user acquisition campaigns while generating vast and hugely valuable datasets on users and their behavior. 

To learn more about the Gamelight dashboard and its unique features, go HERE.

Or if you’d rather speak directly with one of Gamelight’s mobile game marketing experts, you can write to them at [email protected].

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