Evil Master Overload is a dungeon defense game where you’ll be killing the hero

Evil Master Overload is an upcoming dungeon defense game where you will be playing as the Evil Master Overlord who is protecting his dungeon from heroes who are trying to rid the land of evil, which means you. So you’ll need to construct each dungeon with the hopes that between the maze you create, the traps you set and the minions you let loose, that the hero invading your dungeon will be killed.

If you fail at killing the hero, you will end up being killed yourself and the world will be rid of one more evil guy. You do have spells at your disposal to help you out as well should your dungeon plans begin to fail. The developers over at LCD Dreams who are making this game sent over a gameplay trailer for everyone to check out, which you can watch in the video below.

Evil Master Overload Features:

– UNIQUE simultaneous real-time dungeon building and defense.
– CUSTOMIZABLE main character with a multitude of options for physical characteristics, gear, and weapons.
– STYLIZED graphics with a fun look easily recognizable and appreciated by those who play typical RPGs and adventure games.
– WHIMSICAL animations, story, sound effects, and music, that add a humorous tongue-in-cheek style to the game.

As you can see in the video, the game looks quite fun and has plenty of solid looking visuals to enjoy, especially when killing the hero. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact release date just yet as to when Evil Master Overload will land on Google Play, we just know it is fairly soon and it’ll be before PC gamers get their version.

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