Day: 30 July 2013


Looks like Fez is still coming to Ouya even though Phil Fish is quitting making games

If you follow the gaming news in a general sense then you’ve probably read about Phil Fish quitting making games, cancelling Fez 2 and all that good weird drama-filled stuff that makes the internet both a good and bad place. Well even though it does suck that Mr. Fish will be quitting, regardless of the stance anyone has regarding the issues surrounding it or what you think of the guy himself, it appears that the planned ports of the original game are still going to happen.


Evil Master Overload is a dungeon defense game where you’ll be killing the hero

Evil Master Overload is an upcoming dungeon defense game where you will be playing as the Evil Master Overlord who is protecting his dungeon from heroes who are trying to rid the land of evil, which means you. So you’ll need to construct each dungeon with the hopes that between the maze you create, the traps you set and the minions you let loose, that the hero invading your dungeon will be killed.