Exclusive screenshots of Polarbit’s upcoming kart racing game called Cracking Sands.

There has been a rumor going around lately that Polarbit has been working on a kart racing game, similar to Mario Kart, but with more of a focus on the actual combat and defense areas. We have teamed up with our friends over at Pockett Videogames to bring forth exclusive screenshots and video of this upcoming game, Cracking Sands.

As you will see in the screenshots and video below, the game is completely wrapped in 3D graphics that are similar to their other racing game called Reckless Racing with the top-down view. However, the point of view is also dynamic as shown in the video which will make for some cool replay footage. All the controls are touchscreen for your weapons and we are guessing the steering will be done by using the accelerometer and tilting your device.


Combat is more realistic than what you would find in other kart racing games such as Mario Kart. Things like mounted machine guns, rockets and mines kind of make sure you don’t get it confused with turtle shells. There will also be other customizing options outside of the weapons available including picking a driver, customizing your vehicle and things of that nature. So far there is no word on exactly when this will land on the Android Market or for what price. It could be a little while though before we see this available as it is still in development though. It will be Xperia Play compatible as well for all you Xperia Play owners out there.

Enjoy the video below, courtesy of Pockett. I suppose we should mention this will be out for iOS as well.

Developer Website: Polarbit

Website Referenced: Pockett Videogames (French)

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