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Fantasy Life Online Downloads Live on the Play Store

Back in the heady days of October, we told you that Fantasy Life Online was launching in the West later in the year. It’s definitely later in the year, now, and you can download the game from the Play Store.

The servers for the game haven’t actually gone live yet, though, so this is more of a pre-installation thing. They’ll spark into (fantasy) life later on today. So you don’t have long to wait.

The game is the sequel to the popular Fantasy Life, and it’s been out in Japan for a while. In fact, it’s been out for so long it’s actually been shut down. Here’s a trailer.

There are different lives, or roles, you can switch between freely, four player co-op and a load of challenges to try and complete. There are various goodies for getting in on the action early, too.

You can click here to download Fantasy Life Online from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP. For more info on the game, click here to check out its official website.

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