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Far: Lone Sails is an Innovative Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Game, Coming to Android This Week

Far: Lone Sails, the innovative student project turned cult favorite, has finally got a release date on Android. It’ll be along this Thursday, October the 22nd.

Originally conceived in 2015, Far: Lone Sails is an unusual 2D adventure game that sees you trundling through a Mad Max-esque desert world, apparently alone, in a ramshackle vehicle of your own design.

You’ll need to endlessly maintain this creaking vessel, tuning the engine, extinguishing fires, topping up your fuel, and generally tending to the business of driving. Your goal is simply to collect upgrades to keep you on the road, while solving the odd puzzle along the way.

Far: Lone Sails is a hit among a certain indie gaming demographic. As we’ve written on these pages before, it purportedly made comedian and Twitch streamer Limmy cry, such is its ethereal power.

It’ll be out on Thursday, costing $3.99. We’d point you to the Google Play Store listing so that you can pre-register, but it doesn’t seem to be working right now.

What the hell, we’ll point you to it anyway.

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