FarSight Studios now developing original tables for Pinball Arcade

Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios is one of the two major pinball platforms on numerous platforms including Android (both mobile and consoles like Ouya). Pinball Arcade up until now would reproduce actual pinball tables that used to exist, and some still do, in arcades and other places, bringing these true to life reproductions to mobile platforms so we could all play them.

Now the company is planning to produce original pinball tables as well but they won’t be doing it alone. According to an interview with BBC, FarSight Studios has been in talks with some of the famous pinball table designers from the past in regards to their upcoming original designs.

Those cost considerations [of the past] are irrelevant when machines are designed only to be built in the virtual world, so imagine what these guys could do if they were given carte blanche,” King said. “If we made a digital table and it sold a million copies and it was feasible to build it in the real world, then I think that design would have to be of interest to a manufacturer like Stern Pinball. – FarSight vice president of product development Bobby King

Considering the company’s past releases and how well they are done, even if they are reproductions of actual real-life pinball tables, it will be interesting to see what the company comes up with when it comes to original designs for future pinball tables. As for when we can start getting our hands on these original tables, there’s not set release date as of yet.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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