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Game News

DarkPath Studios releases the first trailer for their upcoming first-person mystery Ouya game Nowhere: Lost Memories

DarkPath Studios has announced their new first-person mystery adventure game called Nowhere: Lost Memories, which will be coming to the Android-based game console Ouya in the near future. Along with the announcement of this game is the first teaser trailer that will give you a little bit of an idea of what to expect when this game launches.

Hardware News

Ouya, the company, has apparently put itself up for sale

Ouya has gone through some interesting changes since the concept was announced, then having an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign which raised $8.5 million with promises of a new console every year, and then every other year with the latest hardware, and then changing business models completely and making their marketplace available on Android devices other than the Ouya console itself. The newest change is a rather interesting one, Ouya as a company has been put up for sale.

Game News

Playcast’s Packful Of Fun Ouya package adds Batman Arkham City (Game of the Year Edition) and Battle vs. Chess to its roster

Playcast has added two new games to their current running Packful of Fun package on the Ouya Marketplace. If you are not familiar with what Playcast is, essentially this is a game streaming service where users pay a monthly fee in order to have Triple-A titles streamed to their TV. The Packful of Fun package is their service but for the Ouya console.