Fox Entertainment releases an official companion game called Die Hard

While fans of Bruce Willis will be flocking to theaters today to see his newest movie that has just arrived called A Good Day To Die Hard, Fox Entertainment has released a companion game for the movie onto Google Play simply called Die Hard. This particular game is a rather strange mash-up up endless runner and third-person shooter, all wrapped into one title.

Die Hard lets players sprint through various locations such as through city streets, inside buildings and so on, dodging various obstacles and switching lanes in order to go as far as you can. Basically like Subway Surfers in terms of lane changing and The End (developed by Goroid who happened to make this Die Hard game for Fox) with the turns and dodging obstacles. However, to throw a wrench into your standard endless running format, you will also need to take out bad guys who appear before they take you out.

Die Hard Features:

– Awesome 3D graphics, vivid colors and immersive world
– Easy to use swipe controls with a tap to shoot feature
– Tons of characters, gadgets, weapons, outfits, and power ups to unlock.
–  “Adrenaline” – a unique ‘bullet-time’ feature that freezes the action into super slow motion, allowing you to take out multiple enemies at once
– Action-packed missions and real-life locations pulled right from the new hit movie, “A Good Day to Die Hard”
– Native high-resolution screen support at 60 FPS
– Facebook and Twitter integration to shout out your score in real time

The game pulls the mash-up off decently although it can be a bit much at times, trying to run and dodge stuff, changing lanes and having to shoot bad guys all at the same time. Die Hard does have some rather nice visuals though, plenty of weapons, gadgets and characters to unlock as well.

If you’re a fan of endless runners and happen to be looking for something a little different, you might want to check this one out, especially since it can be downloaded off of Google Play for free. The game does come with in-game purchases for things like weapons upgrades.

Google Play Link: Die Hard

Website Referenced: Android Community

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