Day: 14 February 2013


Real Racing 3 has a few supercars available but they are not cheap

A lot of people are a little more than agitated at the fact EA’s upcoming Real Racing 3 game has gone freemium and that it is a time-based system players will have to contend with when we did our more detailed look at this system for Real Racing 3. It is a good game, it just has a horrible freemium system but should you decide to get the game anyways, there are a few supercars you might want to check out.


Cryamore! Kickstarter campaign reaches stretch goal for Android and OUYA versions

Cryamore! is a game that has been looking for funding on Kickstarter for the past couple of weeks, having successfully reached their goal of $65,000 already. Currently their Kickstarter campaign is sitting at $153,601 in funding, one of the stretch goals is to bring this rather cool game to Android and OUYA. The goal was set to $150,000 in order for this stretch goal to be met and as you can see, they have reached it.


Tamagotchi gets resurrected by Namco Bandai, now available on Google Play

The year 1997 has come back to like in the form of those digital pets from Japan called Tamagotchi that a lot of kids lost their minds over when they first came out. Now those children are adults and Tamagotchi has come back to life but on Google Play this time. So all of those children who loved these digital pets back then, who happen to be adults now, can lose their minds all over again.