Free the Languinis in this new Match Three/Spelling game

Languinis Match and Spell is a hybrid match-three/spelling game; Candy Crush meets the tabletop game Boggle, and the two had a kid.

That’s basically how the gameplay woks, as players will work through various match three games where matching up and removing the gems well then reveal letters hidden behind them. Finding words among them completes the level, of which there is over fifty. There’s a bit of a story for the game as well. Set in the time of the ancient Aztecs, the Phoenix god commissioned some Languinis to go forth and name everything. While enthusiastic at first, they eventually grew lethargic and incurred the wrath of the phoenix, who imprisoned them as a punishment. Thus, as players complete a level, a Languini is set free.  

The games is available to download from Google Play for free, with In-App Purchasing as well.

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