Game Gripper now available for the Droid2

Good news for all your avid gamers who own a Droid2 Android phone, especially if you play a lot of games using emulators. Game Gripper has now made a version of their awesome little add-on for the Droid2 phone. If you haven’t used one of these yet, they are one of the better little add-ons you can buy for your gaming needs.

Made out of rubber, the Game Gripper will fit over your keyboard giving you and 8-button D-Pad for you to play your games without having to worry about pushing any of the other buttons. This is especially useful if you play a lot of games on emulators as most of them offer up button configuration which you can customize.

So if you are into gaming then head over to their site and grab yourself one, they are only $14.99 and it is money well spent.

Website Referenced: Droid-Life

Developer Website: Game Gripper

Game Gripper on an original Droid

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