Gameloft officially announces Dungeon Hunter 3, release more screenshots too.

Gameloft had recently did a sneaky move by mentioning at the end of the trailer for Dungeon Hunter Alliance for Mac that Dungeon Hunter 3 would be coming to Android and iOS soon. While not really a fully official announcement, today they are going ahead and making it official as well as releasing more screenshots.

For those of you not familiar with the Dungeon Hunter series of games from Gameloft, they are essentially Gameloft’s Diablo 2 style of game for Android. Using a top-down perspective, you will be cruising through dungeons, finding new gear and leveling up. Of course you also get to kill a plethora of monsters while you’re at it, some of which are rather big. If you’ve played the first two in the series, you’ll noticed that the graphics seem to have been improved a fair amount which you can see in the new screenshots below.


Unfortunately Gameloft is still being pretty quiet about all the details regarding this new addition to the Dungeon Hunter series including any sort of release date, only that it will be coming soon to both Android and iOS. You can check out some concept art and a few other screenshots in our previous post as well. The email we just received from Gameloft though is an official announcement of Dungeon Hunter 3 coming to Android so the wait shouldn’t be too long… hopefully.

You can also see some of the first in-game footage by watching the Gameloft video podcast below, about half way through.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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