Gameloft releases new update for Order & Chaos Duels, brings much needed Card Library feature

Gameloft has pushed out a new update today for their TCG title that is part of their Order & Chaos franchise. This new update for Order & Chaos Duels brings a feature to the game that should make things a lot more easier for players in regards to sifting through all your cards that you’ve managed to collect.

This new feature is a new Card Library where you can search through all the cards available in the game as well as the one’s you’ve collected. There’s a set of filters available so you can narrow your search down to specific types of cards, rarity and so on. Gameloft has also added more Pillage Player Rewards with more gold and runes available for players who successfully pillage other players and are able to pull of Victory Streaks.

Along with these new additions to the game, Gameloft has also brought a bunch of bug fixes, additional game security for players accounts and overall game stability. The update is now live so if you happen to play this game, you can download it at anytime.

Google Play Link: Order & Choas Duels

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